The project intends to increase the availability of interdisciplinary studies providing a comprehensive overview (technical, legal and economic) of Europe-China relations in the renewable energy and the environmental sectors to support the development of a more rapid, sustainable and flexible industry in these sectors.
Goals of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • provide guidelines, including policy proposals to support policy-makers at EU and local level, as well as operational suggestions for companies working in/with China, to enhance bilateral trade and investment flows;
  • enhance scientific knowledge, through the theoretical and empirical finding of the different and joint research tasks;
  • the mobility program and the joint research activities will anable the identification of follow-on projects to be carried out further to POREEN;
  • improve research skills, thanks to mutually beneficial research collaboration between EU and Chinese centres of excellences with a strong reputation and knowledge in their fields.

Other information about the project:

duration: 4 years (from January 2013 to December 2016)
total seconded researchers: 40
total months of secondment: 342
budget: Euro 718.200
EU contribution: Euro 718.200
EC contract number: 318908
EC project officer: Aleksandra SCHOETZ-SOBCZAK