The main outputs of the project are included in the following final publication:

China and Europe’s Partnership for a more Sustainable World: Challenges and Opportunities, editors Francesca Spigarelli, Louise Curran, Alessia Arteconi. Bingley (UK) : Emerald, 2016. ISBN 9781786353320.

Moreover during POREEN’s implementation the following papers/monographs have been published:


  • Katiuscia Vaccarini, Psychic distance and its role as a determinant of FDI in the Chinese marketplace, in Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference of the Academy of International Business-US North East Chapter, Beijing and Tianjin, China, May 21-14, 2014, pp. 215- 232
  • Katiuscia Vaccarini, Psychic distance and FDI: the case of China, in c.MET Working papers (3/2014 – December 2014)  – free download
  • Federico Salvatelli, Defining Green Sector: a pre-requisite to analize China – Europe cooperation in the Green industries, in c.MET Working papers (2/2014 – December 2014) – free download 
  • Ans Kolk and Louise Curran, Contesting a Place in the Sun: On Ideologies in Foreign Markets and Liabilities of Origin, Journal of Business Ethics (4/2015 – October) – free download art_10.1007_s10551-015-2897-5
  • Katiuscia Vaccarini, Barbara Pojaghi, Capitalizing on cultural differences: An interdisciplinary out look from social psychology to international business, in c.MET Working paper (8/2015 – June 2015)  – free download
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  • Viviana Schneeberger, Opportunità e ostacoli del mercato cinese agli investimenti diretti esteri: il caso delle aziende spagnole del settore green [Opportunities and Obstacles of the Chinese market to FDI: The case of the Spanish firms of the Green Sector]. Doctoral thesis, 2014/2015. Polytechnic University of Marche. English Presentation. Full document in Italian available in open access.
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  • Francesca Spigarelli and Ping Lv, Chinese FDI in the EU: learning from the renewable energy sector, Columbia FDI Perspectives Perspectives on topical foreign direct investment issues No. 179 August 1 , 2016
    Editor-in -Chief: Karl P. Sauvant ( Managing Editor: Maree Newson ( free download
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  • China’s Influence on Non Trade Concerns in International Economic Law, edited by Paolo Davide Farah and Elena Cima. London, New York : Routledge, 2016. ISBN 978-1-4094-4848-8. More specifically the following chapters:

Chapter 2. Paolo Davide Farah,  The Development of Global Justice and Sustainable Development Principles in the WTO  Multilateral Trading System through the Lens of Non-Trade Concerns: An Appraisal on China’s Progress  
Chapter 3. Claudio Di Turi, Economic Globalization and Social Rights: the Role of the International Labor Organization and the WTO
Chapter 4. Angelica Bonfanti, Multinational Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility in a Chinese Context: An International Law Perspective
Chapter 5. Leïla Choukroune, Rights Interest Litigation, Socio-Economic Rights and Chinese Labor Law Reform
Chapter 6. Valentina Sara Vada, Law, Culture, and the Politics of Chinese Outward Foreign Investment
Chapter 7. Mark Klaver and Michael Trebilcock, Chinese Investment in Africa: Strengthening the Balance Sheet