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Beijing Normal University, founded in 1902, is a key university under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, a renowned institution of higher learning, emphasizing teacher education and basic learning in both arts and sciences. BNU has over 3,000 faculty and 21,000 full-time students, and the campus has one education faculty, 22 schools and colleges, 2 departments, and 24 research institutes (centers).
According to the assessment results of primary subjects in 2009 as issued by the Ministry of Education Academic Degree Center, the three primary subject, education, psychology, and Chinese language and literature ranked first, and 15 other subjects ranked among the top ten in China.
BNU enjoys a program of broad international cooperation and exchange, having signed cooperative agreements with almost 300 universities and research institutes from more than 30 nations and districts. Moreover, BNU has co-established Confucius Institutes with the University of Macerata, Italy, University of Manchester, UK, the University of Oklahoma, USA, San Francisco State University, USA. It acts as a meeting place between the Chinese and western culture, also promoting economic and political relations between the western countries and Chinese partners.

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