Logo-UPMAs the name itself says, Università Politecnica delle Marche (Polytechnic University of Marche – UNIVPM) is exclusively made up of Colleges in the technical-scientific fields and differs from a Polytechnic because of its wider dimensions in terms of scientific areas. Besides the technical-scientific Colleges of Engineering, Sciences and Agriculture, UNIVPM also includes the Colleges of Economics and Medicine and Surgery. Each College offers all possible Courses of the higher education cycles: under-graduate (Laurea triennale), post-graduate (Laurea Magistrale), professional post-lauream courses (Master) and PhD program.
The main Campus and the administrative offices are located in Ancona (the mail city of the Marche Region) but other branches are distributed all over the Marche Region in order to bring higher education into strict contact with the most important clusters of the area. The College of Engineering is particularly close to the sites of Fabriano (district active in the mechanical field), Pesaro (famous for furniture production) and Fermo (rich in shoe factories). A degree course of the College of Economics is placed in San Benedetto del Tronto for the peculiar economic activity of the area, especially in the tourism field. The nurse schools of the College of Medicine and Surgery are distributed all over the Region.
Some numbers about people: the staff working at UNIVPM is made up of about 700 professors and researchers, 650 administrative and technical employees. There are about 17.000 enrolled students.

The University is endowed with up-to-date scientific and technical laboratories.

As far as the international aspect is concerned, the University has signed Agreement of Co-operation with many Universities and Research Centres all over the world (http://www.univpm.it/Entra/Engine/RAServePG.php/P/254110013478/T/Collaborazioni-internazionali). Thanks to such Agreements students, researchers and professors have taken part into exchange programmes enabling them to get in touch with different realities and to promote actions aimed at the transfer of knowledge.

The University takes part in different European programmes promoting and sustaining research, international collaboration and mobility, including LLP Erasmus (in the different actions it can be implemented). Besides hosting students for study and training periods, the University promotes international mobility for students/young graduates who want to carry out an internship abroad.

Following the changes occurred in the productive system of the Marche region in the second half of the 20th century, when a former agricultural area became one of the most highly industrialized regions of Italy, in 2003 the University focused its mission in order to answer the new challenges brought in by the industrial development. Given the prevalence of traditional industries and small firms there is a lack of formal R&D activities in the private sector. Hence the necessity to move from traditional industries to medium-tech and high-tech clusters, change the innovation model from innovation without research to R&D based activities, increase the average size of firms and innovate the organizational and governance model of firms. The new mission of the University is based on a “3T” paradigm: Talents, attracting and educating the best people, Technology, acquiring excellence in applied research, Territory, serving the needs of people and firms in the region.

Thanks to the passionate job of its operators and to the support of a friendly community, UNIVPM – in a few years – overcame historic and prestigious Universities as far as quality of teaching and research are concerned. In June 2006 UNIVPM was placed at the top of the lists of Universities yearly  drawn by influential press agencies (Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica – CENSIS, Il Resto del Carlino).

Staff Members

Attilio Mucelli
Fabio Polonara