Zhang Lihong Picture SC member
East China University of Political Science and Law (CHINA)

Zhang Lihong (ECUPL) is full professor of Civil law and Roman law. He is director of the Research Center of Roman Law and European Law as well as of the National Association of Comparative Law. He is standing director of National Association of European Law.

Prof. Zhang has a long history of cooperation with Italy. Since 1997 he has been cooperating for teaching and research purposes with Italian universities (mostly La Sapienza, Pavia, Verona, etc.) on Roman law topics. He is fluent in many languages, including Italian, French and English: this skill will be particular useful to strengthen network relations in POREEN. Prof. Zhang Lihong has been also Visiting Scholar at University of Turin Faculty of Law and he has collaborated closely with IUSE and University of Turin in programs for Italian professionals who desire to know better the Chinese market.

His research topics are focused on codification of civil law in China, economic contracts, Roman contract law, comparative law, with specific attention to Italy-China comparisons.