This section presents the list of foreseen deliverables of the project.

WP 1 – Management
D1.1. Internal report (M2) – abstract
D1.2 Manual for Quality and Project management (M2) – abstract
D1.3 Three Intensive training courses ( M24-M36-M45) – full access
WP2 – Economics
D2.1 Report on agreements at country and EU level related to trade and investments in the energy and environmental fields (M7) – abstract
D2.2 Paper on the impact of BITs and trade policies on bilateral investment flows in the renewable energies and environmental industries (M12) – abstract
D2.3 Paper on the state of the art and theoretical implications of the analysis of Chinese FDIs in Europe in the renewable energies and environmental industries (M24) – abstract
D2.3 bis Data base on Chinese firms investing in Europe (M36) – abstract
D2.4 Full report on Chinese FDIs (M36) – abstract
WP3 – Engineering
D3.1 Report on the state of the art of EU China (M7) – abstract
D3.2 Technical, legal and economic model for the introduction of new vehicle fuels on the Chinese market (M36) – abstract
D3.3 Comprehensive report proposing suitable technologies, operational practices and achievable performance in the sector of low carbon buildings for the European and Chinese market(M36) – abstract
D3.3bis Plan of action for the introduction of instruments and incentives for DSM programs aimed at reducing energy consumption in buildings (M36) – abstract
WP4 – Legal
D4.1 Paper on EU-China energy and environmental related issues (M24) – abstract
D4.2 Paper or a collected book on the good governance principles in the context of the global governance and law (M36) – more information
D4.3 Paper on EU-China relations on environmental and labor standards and CSR (M24) – abstract
D4.4 Final publication “Perspective on Europe-China integration in the renewable energy and environmental industries”, integrating the economic, legal and engineering findings” (M48)
WP 5 – Dissemination
See Dissemination section of the website