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Going Green: China and Europe’s Partnership for a more Sustainable World

(Book presentation with Emerald)

10th Annual Conference China Goes Global

Macerata, July 27th 2016, Session 28, Morning 5

Track Chairs: Louise Curran, Toulouse Business School, France  – Guido Giacconi, In3Act

Liability of Foreignness of EU Environmental Protection Companies in China – Manifestations and Mitigating Strategies”
Louise Curran, Toulouse Business School

Environmental goods trade between China and the EU: Development and influencing factors”
Ruxiao Qu, Beijing Normal University
Yanping Zeng, Beijing Normal University

“Chinese OFDI to Germany in the Environmental Industries: A Multiple-Case Study”
Katiuscia Vaccarini, University of Macerata & Jacobs University Bremen
Francesca Spigarelli, University of Macerata
Federico Salvatelli, University of Macerata
Christoph Lattemann, Jacobs University Bremen
Ernesto Tavoletti, University of Macerata

“Policies that Promote Environmental Industry in China”
Haitao Yin, Shanghai Jao Tong University
Xuemei Zhang, Shanghai Jao Tong University
Hui Zhou, Shanghai Jao Tong University
Zhang Xuemei, Shanghai Jao Tong University
Francesca Spigarelli, University of Macerata

“Chinese Investments in Europe: Comparing the Internationalization of Green and Non-Green Firms”
Federico Salvatelli, University of Macerata
Vittoria Giada Scalera, Politecnico di Milano
Diego D’Adda, Polytechnic University of Marche

“The Renewable Energy Industry in Europe: Business and Internationalization Models. A Focus on the Chinese Market”
Elena Cedrola, University of Macerata – Loretta Battaglia, Università Cattolica

“An enquiry into the spatial distribution of foreign firms in China”
Hongbo Cai, Beijing Normal University – Eleonora Cutrini, University of Macerata

The Chinese environmental protection: Between national laws and governance system”
Federica Monti, University of Macerata

Implementing Sustainable Living Solutions in a Villa destroyed by Wenchuan Earthquake. A Case Study from Sichuan Province”
Giulia Cuini, University of Macerata

Social Accounting Matrix for China and multisectoral model for environmental aspects”
Barbara Menatta, University of Macerata